Month: August 2019

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Content Writing

Outsourcing your SEO content writing is very useful and highly recommended. Doing so clears up your schedule and provides you with the manpower you need to keep the content coming regardless of how far your business expands without breaking the bank.

That being said, you can’t just go out there and outsource to any random people. You need to think things through first. Before you get into any thought on outsourcing, there are a few mistakes that you should aim to avoid.

If you would like to know what these mistakes are and how you can avoid them, take a look below!

#1 – Don’t Look for the Cheapest Possible Option

You can find content writers that will work a full day’s wage for just $5-10. While this sounds amazing, we do not advise you to look for those kinds of writers. For the most part, people who work at these prices have a limited grasp on how to write good-quality content. You may get tons of content done in a short time and at almost no cost, but you will find that it turns out to be useless.

Poor-quality content for an online business is the same as tossing away your business right away. Without good quality content, your website will never build a strong search engine ranking. Without that, your business will never grow. (In fact, it will likely die within a few months)

You should look for writers that ask for a higher wage but actually have proof of quality work. This can be found through reviews of the individual or company that you end up outsourcing to. You should also ensure that they understand SEO and how to implement it into their content.

#2 – Don’t Expect the Outsourced Workers to Never Need Your Input

You can’t just outsource your content writing to someone and expect them to come up with content that is perfectly in line with your business niche and goals. While there are talented writers out there who can do this simply by paying attention to your website and the way you run your business, most can’t do that.

You should check up on them every now and then, providing tips and topics that you want them to work on. This way, you still don’t have to spend much time on the content, but the outsourced writers will stay on track.

#3 – Don’t Look for Any Random Writers When Your Business Niche is Local

If your business involves products or services that are mostly aimed at locals, you can’t look for just anyone to work on the content. For starters, local SEO is very different to general SEO. So, the outsourced writer or writers will need to be aware of the difference. If the writers optimize your website for general SEO, you’ll get customers from all around the world who have no interest in what you are offering anyway.

On top of that, local writers will be better able to associate with the local products and/or services that you are offering. This in turn makes them far better for writing content on those local subjects.

You can still hire someone who is not a local. However, if you do so, we recommend that you brief them on everything they might need to know about the local products and/or services so that they will know how to write content about it. It is also best to look for someone who is at least from a similar cultural background to your own.

Follow our tips to avoid these three mistakes and your outsourcing goals will be much easier to accomplish. Good luck!