Month: July 2019

Fasting can improve your gut health

It’s crazy yes. But it works. You might not notice this very much, but most people eat food that is not very nutrient dense. They just eat what tastes good, which, most of the time, is sugar.

They drink orange juice during breakfast, which is filled with sugar. Bread, which again, contains sugar.

And that is the reason why their gut health is all over the place. Their body is not absorbing the good nutrients as well as it could be. And so, the best way to improve your nutrient absorption, is by fasting.

Stop eating the bad foods for a while. Or at least delay them into the day. If you usually eat breakfast at 7am, delay it until 11am or even 12pm.

There’s a new trend of intermittent fasting which works really well for people who are looking to lose weight. So you can have a double benefit with this. Improve gut health and lose weight as well.